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Ningbo Shengke Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research and development of high quality microphones, professional microphone accessories, headphones and various kinds of stands.

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◆ Unique design offering the perfect solution for personal recording;
◆ Effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding the microphone, keep the sound from bouncing back toward themicrophone, controlling refleced soudwaves that can cause coloration;
◆ Consists of 5 pieces of high quality professional sound-absorptive metal panels (the 3 center panels are stationary - the 2 side panelsare foldable). It is easy to adjust the recording area according to the situation. Once the recording session has ended, it is convenient to pack up;
◆ Sharp-shaped professional sound-absorptive foam to reduce sound echo and diffusion;
◆ Easy to install and use for both floor and boom microphone stands.


Colouration: About 1dB
Dimensions: (W) 400mm × (H) 320mm × (D) 260mm
Weight: 3.5Kg
Microphones Supporting Set
Max. Length: 150mm
Moving Range: 115mm
Supporting Height: 105mm

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