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Ningbo Shengke Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in research and development of high quality microphones, professional microphone accessories, headphones and various kinds of stands.

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Transducer type: Dynamic     
Operating principle: Dynamic mic style     
Frequency Response: 30Hz~17KHz    
Sensitivity: -49dB±3dB(at 1KHz)    
Close miking: 100mm    
Distant miking: 1000mm    
Polar pattern: Cardiod    
Rear attenuation: 20dB(at 1 kHz)
Open circuit voltage: 3.16mV(at 1 kHz    )     
Nominal impedance: 300Ω±30%     
Load impedance: 1000Ω    
Connection: 3-pin XLR male    
Dimensions: ¢25x¢55x210mm              
Weight: About 320g(without cable)

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