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  A : Suntech

  "Virtuous", a person only Slim Lide, in order to use the correct behavior to get reasonable results. We emphasize the character is more important than the ability to speak, as the Book of Changes: "Heaven Gentleman to self-improvement; terrain-kun, the gentleman Virtuous." We can not go against the law of nature, so only along its path in order to chang their deeds. "Team work and development, concerted dry Republic" by people from what we sound unwavering faith.

  II: Chong Qin

  "Qinnengbuzhuo; diligence and neglected in play." We need to be able to pursue their careers together a group of people, the cause is a pursuit, is a belief. Sound development of everything from the ground to start families. Enterprise development is inseparable from the accumulation of experience accumulated experience is inseparable from the updated knowledge, updated knowledge is inseparable from learning, and learning "the only ground is the road." To have a stronger fighting force, only to learn a lot more than others, pay more. The need to pay attention to methods of learning, Fangnai Chong Qin Road.

  Three: executive

  We will create a strong and meetings, meetings and decisions, make decisions, line must be fruit of the acting style, even the best decisions that need to be performed after the effective size of the implementation of the decision of the matter, and definitely not an excuse. Progress reports at any time, ready to deal with the problem, ready to solve the problem, summed up the issue at any time, ready to learn and grow in the question.

  Four: Inclusive

  "Mind how wide, wide world there is more", the development needs of a wide range of enterprise talent; "be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue," every person has some bright spots, only the "Young length, to avoid the short", companies can wind waves, winning thousands of miles. Our management philosophy is to learn different "talent" to turn it into the fastest combination of "talent" will eventually become the company's "wealth." Similarly to accommodate individual needs have the disadvantage of others, learn from others advantages, mutual aid, sharing, sloppy, team spirit development.

  Five: Kind words

  Good interpersonal communication skills required good, articulate tend to make work easier, good communication, then surgery to make an orderly, good words first articulate, let others speak sounds very comfortable, but there are things to do words, words and a letter; words have literacy, and there is a high degree of mood, more people get an insight from your words. And then also to do good, not to the work of the mood among the word, says it will do, self-correct behavior.

  Six: Positioning

  Was in its place, while their jobs. Establish a good standard of their own, what to do, what not to do. Establish a down to earth, hard working attitude. Not seek ambitious, smug undesirable. After locating in position to do our part to make achievements, so fine professionals.

  Seven: Scaling

  There is a goal direction, the direction of power there, have the power to do everything fast. Always asked myself what I have to do? How to do it? Completed within what time? Set realistic goals, formulate relevant strategies, set the corresponding period, execute and track progress. But whatever the goal is to climb the most effective target, with a passion to achieve the objectives of the process to go to get in the process capability and experience success.

  Eight: Performance

  Sound Division is a stress practical results of the company, please use your actual performance and results to speak. To flourishing business, you need to rely on a good performance, superior staff also need good performance, "with the results speak" is our business teams must adhere to a belief! It is one kind of courage to advocate Sword of spirit, a wolf spirit, is selling an heroic boldness! results refer not only to make a profit, but also customers, markets, brands and many other conditions, including the "upgrade industry, the results of the accumulation." For us personally, It can survive and earn the confidence of the fundamental, but also allow us to gain experience, to lay the foundation for the next step, this is what we want "performance"!

  Nine: Responsibility

  Strong sense of responsibility, is one of the most basic things in life that everyone criteria. Responsibility is a responsible and commitment to the task. Personal responsibility for themselves and others, family and collective responsibilities for national and social awareness, emotions and beliefs, as well as to comply with the corresponding specifications, responsibilities and obligations of the conscious attitude. Often impossible to find an excuse to avoid responsibility to make things better, it is impossible to gain more confidence, responsibility, trust in return.

  Ten: Value

  Everyone has the right to survive, but also to live out the necessary value. Caring family, respect my colleagues, sincere customer service, enhance their own learning, obedience department heads, loyal to your business, everyone around Thanksgiving, contribute to the community, these are the manifestation of the value. Guangsheng designed to create a first-class platform to build a first-class team, so that each person can produce more sound Branch of the value of life.

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